Our History

Our company was founded over a decade ago by a team of highly dedicated professionals. After completing their undergraduate training, a group of students got together and decided it was time to put their studies to real world practice. With this goal in mind, they quickly created an elaborate business plan. The plan was an attempt to help utilize all of their talents well. Each member of the team was given a role that was designed to help them use their talents well. After hashing out all aspects of the plan, team members quickly realized just how easy it would be to implement the plan and create a company that they knew would be bring lasting value to the table for all concerned.

A Work In Progress

While the company continues to be a work in progress, it is obvious that the vision of the founders is one that has come true. The five founders of the company have seen it grow from a small office with only a handful of people to a fully functional company that can serve the needs of many clients at once. Four men (John Ronaldson, Joseph Morell, Thomas Carter, Daniel Livingston) and one woman (Jordana McNair) are now in charge of it, having started it together. Thanks to their help and hard work, the company today has been able to see growth in the double digits in the last few years alone. Pushing forward into the future is very important for all team members. When we look to the future, we are all hopeful that it will continue to be as bright as our present. Each team member is really to contribute fully to our success in order to help provide for the needs of all those who look to us for help. Our staffers continue to make a priority of learning as much as possible about all aspects of the industry. This is why on the job training seminars are conducted each month in order to make sure that all staffers are in touch with current technology trends.

Our Early Start

With hard work, the company was quickly able to get a head start. Once the first online gaming company contacted us, many others soon followed in their wake. This was once it became clear that we would offer superior service that was just right for their needs. Our first client was a small but rapidly growing internet online gaming casino. Thanks to our help, they were able to se their own business rapidly expand. The company went from a handful of users to over a million hits each month, all thanks to us. Since that time, many other clients have followed in their wake, allowing us to develop a large client base that has only seen vast expansion in the last two years alone. They know that we hold true to highly impressive standards at all times.

Full International Growth

As a Haarlem based company, our company necessarily takes a view that is both European and international at the same time. We see growth that will happen in Europe. We also see growth that will happen in Asia and the Americas. This is why we have focused on our efforts on expanding our business into as many parts of the world as we possibly can because we know that we can be there for all our clients. Such a global worldview is one that remains the cornerstone of our business ventures and that is a hallmark that all of those who work here choose to live by at all times.