Clients & Partners

SCMM1 is all about working with our clients. We have been able to work with clients from many areas. In the last few years, our particular specialty has been that of online gaming. Our many clients include Amsterdam Casino, Unibet, Kroon Casino, Mr Green, BGO Casino and LeoVegas. Such clients have come to trust us innately over the last few years as we have repeatedly shown how we are in tune with their needs.

Unibet needed help with specific aspects of SEO including the opportunity to reach out to their customer base so they knew about the kind of gaming they offered around the clock. With out help, they they were able to get it. They remain a happy and grateful client of ours ever since. Being able to speak to clients all the times at all hours of the day is imperative for any gaming company. This is why they have continued to work with us. This because they know that we fully understand all of their needs. We have been able to get inside their perspective and help them break out of the ordinary and into a world that has become their own.

Kroon Casino Casino asked us to help them update their website. They turned to us because we know exactly how to make any website look even better. With our help, the entire website was completely revamped. This resulted in their having the ability to reach out to customers and update the site as often as possible. We have been able to set up an automatic function that allows the site to feed into a news feed that shows the latest developments in the industry. Customers can now check the site each day for important offers of all kinds, allowing the to decide if they want to take advantage of a specific offer.

Amsterdam Casino has been right there with us from the very first. They were one of our first clients when we began our services. This was highly gratifying as they are a major player in the online casino arena and one that we all respect. It really helped that we were able to offer them multi-lingual staffers, capable of doing business in many places around the world. This is because the city is a place where people from all over Europe stop over on their way to other places. As such, they needed a website that could offer help in varied languages. The help had to be idiomatic with mastery of local dialects and slang. We were able to step up and be there for them as they decided to expand their services into places around the world as well as locally and in parts of Europe. With our help, they quickly had the site they wanted, one that continues to offer customers ideal help in many languages.

BGO Casino hired us to help them make sure that they maintained the reputation for quality that they deserve. They know that it is important to keep a close eye on anything written about them online. Doing so can help a company respond well to unexpected criticism. With our help, the company was able to develop a full fledged strategy aimed at watching all media for any mention of their activities. We further helped them develop a strategy to deal with any potential online criticism as effectively as possible. They know that they can work with us to learn how best to use all forms of social media in order to help them develop the best online reputation possible at all times.