6.02.Bluff presents another type of Blackjack

Blackjack spelen, or playing blackjack is a lot of fun. Especially when you are playing with our latest client, 6.02.Bluff, an online casino specialized in table games. Blackjack is the biggest game of the casino, with more than 100 different games to choose from in 15+ languages. In other words, blackjack spelletjes spelen, or playing blackjack games, is their main goal. Which is why it is not surprising that 6.02.Bluff has set up a new website called BlackjackKids. It might sound bad, but it is not a site to make kids gamble. Quite the opposite actually. Read on to learn more.


As you may or may not know, blackjack is originally a regular card game known as 21, which is played by people of all kinds of ages. So blackjack spelen is not so strange, even for kids. As long as they stay out of the casino. Especially for this reason 6.02.Bluff Casino launched this site. To take the blackjack game out of the casino and back into the everyday household. Besides playing blackjack and other games like solitaire, the website also offers information and warnings about playing in online casinos, so that the children won’t get tempted.

The 6.02.Bluff Casino

This casino has suffered from under aged players in the past. The thing is, when a casino discovers that a player is not of legal age, all the deposits ever made have to be returned and the casino account needs to be closed. When young people sign up with many at a time and the casino only finds out much later, you can imagine the financial impact that it may have. That is why BlackjackKids was created. To help the casino, in addition to informing the children about the dangers of playing in an online casino. We were hired to market this campaign and we are completely behind it. Even though we also feel like it’s the parents’ responsibility to not let this happen. If you are a parent and have an online casino account yourself, you can do your part as well. Don’t stay logged in to the casino when you are not playing and don’t leave your passwords laying around. Only together and with common sense can we avoid these bad situations from happening and make sure the casino remains fun for all.

Casino bonuses

On a more positive note, if you like blackjack spelen as much as the next person, you will get a lot of chances to do it at 6.02.Bluff Casino. Especially since they offer a lot of regular bonuses. It starts at the welcome bonus, which is split up into 4 parts; diamonds is a 100% bonus up to €500 after your first deposit, spades is a 50% bonus up to €250 after your second deposit, clubs is a bonus of 50% up to €150 after your third deposit and hearts is a bonus of 25% up to €100 after your fourth deposit. This means that you can earn a total of €1.000 for blackjack games with the welcome bonus alone.

Bluff Casino tournaments

Besides all these great bonuses, 6.02.Bluff Casino offers you another great reason for blackjack spelen. These are the tournaments. In these casino tournaments, you will play a normal game of blackjack with a few other players on the table. Aside from playing the casino game in a normal fashion, by entering the tournament, you also play against the other players. Which means that the one with most wins in one sitting wins and reaches the next level. There are 8 levels in which the last is the finale. The casino player who wins that match, gets a great reward from the casino.