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Why The Netherlands

SCMM1 is based in the modern nation of the Netherlands. The Netherlands is one of the world’s most modernized nations with a high standard of living and a very educated workforce. Living here means access to a nation of communities that are dedicated to providing their residents with many amenities including high quality medical care, spacious housing and a variety of entertaining activities for people to enjoy on their off hours. This is one of many reasons why we have chosen to make this nation our headquarters. We know that doing so means we are part of a European nation where the standard of living is high and the workforce is extremely well educated. We can easily tap into a workforce that often speaks multiple languages including Dutch, English and at least one other language as well. Here in Haarlem, we are both part of a big city that includes nearby Amsterdam and yet we are also part of a local community that welcomes us, offers us what we need to remain in business and helps keep our employees very happy

Our Services

At our company, the emphasis is always on service. To this end, we provide many important and varied services for those who choose to work with us each day. The services that we provide are based on the needs of our clients and can vary depending on any client’s given priorities in a single week. However, in general, we provide services that are based around using the web properly to enable any client to take full advantage of the world in front of them. Our specific services include but are not limited to help with such issues as SEO or search engine optimization, social marketing efforts to help clients reach out to their customers and help with issues such as online reputation management. With our help, any company can use the net effectively and reach out to all of their clients whether locally or those in other nations abroad. We offer them the means to keep their existing clients onboard and reach out to new clients at the same time.

Our Many Clients

Here, we work with many clients in various fields. Any company official from any industry is welcome to come to us and find out what we can do for them. While we are open to working with clients from varied industries, our particular area of specialty at present is that of the online gambling industry. It is here that we have been able to make our mark and develop a reputation. Our online gaming clients like MrGreen, casumo online casino b.v, AsianCasinoClub and best online casinos limited know that they can depend on for help with any online services they happen to need.

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